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Leadership training for hospitality professionals

Restaurants, cafes and bars are often very busy and require significant input and management strategies from the owners to be successful. Hospitality businesses need to provide the best meals and beverages at all times and offer excellent service to customers if they want to become one of the best in a specific location. Owners and managers need to be outstanding leaders to be able to motivate the team of waiters, baristas and chefs, even in the busiest and most stressful times. NZ Leadership’s training courses offer support to busy hospitality owners wanting to succeed!

NZ Leadership’s leadership advice

We offer personalised leadership courses to hospitality business owners and managers who want to improve their leadership strategies and potential. Our advice is completely tailored to your personal situation, business and workplace environment to offer you tips and tricks that will be beneficial for all aspects of leadership within the hospitality venue. Whether you have recently purchased a restaurant or have been running a café for an extended amount of time, you are sure to learn something new about yourself and your leadership style from our training courses.

We teach you how to react to challenging situations and have complicated discussions with your employees when needed. We also ensure you learn how to have a great relationship with stakeholders, which is so important when you are working in hospitality. Our team ensures that you are comfortable in yourself as a leader and have the qualities to support your employees in everyday situations.

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