Medium & Large Organisations Leadership Training

Leadership at medium and large organisations

Are you the CEO at a medium or large organisation and are struggling to oversee the development of leaders at different levels of your business? Do you yourself need some help with juggling work-life balance and improving your focus?

With growth comes challenges. CEOs and General Managers of medium and large organisations often find it difficult to oversee all leadership levels and ensure that everyone is performing to their full potential. That’s why it’s critical to develop strong, results based leadership at all levels of the organisation. This allows your junior leaders to get the best out of their teams, amplifying strengths and mitigating weaknesses across the organisation.

NZ Leadership works together with leaders at medium and large organisations to help them and their team perform to their greatest potential.

How we help medium and large organisations

We know how difficult it can be for medium and large organisations to oversee their leaders at all levels of the organisation, so we follow a process to find the best tailored solution for each organisation:

  • Audit of the company: We perform a thorough analysis of the organisation to identify where the organisation is at, see what potential there is and what needs changing (especially in older businesses that have been following traditional ways of operating for a long time).
  • Personal background and development: After exploring the company, we turn to the leaders in key positions as well as the relatively new employees at the emerging leadership levels. We explore their leadership style, how they interact and communicate with one another and ensure this is the best for the organisation’s culture.
  • Solving people problems: We often see conflicts between leaders at medium and large organisations, and we work with you to solve these. Conflict, if managed effectively, can be a powerful factor in a company’s growth but if not can decimate trust and belonging within a team.
  • Make good better: With our various tips, tools, workshops and experiments, we hold leaders accountable and ensure they work the best for their organisation.

Want to develop your leaders at medium and large organisations?

Contact NZ Leadership for leadership training, advice and support if you are part of a medium or large organisation. We will ensure all leaders work to their greatest potential and your business performs the best that it can!

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