National and Regional Scale Leadership Training

Leadership in various locations

Is your organisation expanding to different locations? Are you opening a new office with a new manager and new staff?

Many large organisations grow by opening offices in different regions and some even across the border in various countries. However, with this growth often comes the challenge of overseeing leaders and staff when you, as the CEO, are not physically there.

Ensuring that every leader in the organisation is on the same page and are utilising their leadership style in the best way possible will ensure that the business is as successful as it can be in all locations.

Our leadership process with organisational growth

If your organisation is expanding by opening offices and setting up teams in new locations, it is a great idea to prepare for the change early rather than later. At NZ Leadership, we help ensure that the growth and transition go smoothly without any issues and that the leaders in your organisation know how to deal with the restructure. We follow the below process for scale in locations:

  • Discovery of organisation and leaders: We analyse the structure and processes within your organisation to ensure the restructure goes smoothly and you have the right leaders appointed. Our team has an interview with your leaders to learn about their strengths, weaknesses and leadership style.
  • Workshops & Experiments: With a range of workshops, we give you some new tools that will make you a better leader. We get you to try these out as experiments and reflect on their success.
  • Maintenance & Growth: We ensure you constantly grow as a leader and rise to the challenge of leading a growing organisation successfully, whatever your position may be.

If your organisation is growing, contact NZ Leadership

Entering a period of growth? Opening offices in a new location? NZ Leadership helps ensure your restructure is successful, and all leaders work the best that they can for your employees and business. Get in touch with us for leadership training today!

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