Team Leader Education

Leading a team in an educational setting

Have you recently been promoted to lead a team in your organisation? Is this the first time you have had a leadership position? Transitioning from employee to a higher level in your educational business can be challenging, especially if you have the task of leading others who have previously been your peers. We often see new team leaders crack under pressure and the added responsibilities that they are faced with. NZ Leadership offers team leader training for teachers and professors who find themselves in a new unknown position and struggle to adjust.

What’s involved in NZ Leadership’s team leader courses?

If you find yourself in a position that you have never before filled, you will likely run into a few roadblocks. As a teacher or professor, you now have the role of leading and being a role model to more than just children and students. You have to lead your professional peers. With our team leader training, we try to make this transition as seamless and easy for our clients as possible. We teach the art of leadership by suggesting new skills and ways to deal with challenging situations to help you as a new leader recognise your strength, weaknesses and personal leadership style.

Starting with a self-assessment, NZ Leadership takes the time to understand who you are and then tailors advice to your personal needs. We teach you how to gain the trust and respect of your peers and showcase simple but effective ways for you to become an outstanding leader!

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We know that people in educational positions like to teach others. Still, NZ Leadership’s team leader training will offer you a unique insight into how you can become a better leader for your students and peers. Contact us to find out more!

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