Paddy Faisandier and his son Sam started Faisandier 5 years ago building a small 5 lot project. Since then, business growth has been exponential, and they currently have 25 projects on the go. This is made up of approximately 400 townhouses. Paddy needed to enlist another resource to help his company as it continued to grow. NZ Leadership teach their clients the art of leadership, how to gain trust with employees, and how to utilise leadership for success.

In this video testimonial, Paddy talks about:


  • Why he chose NZ Leadership,
  • How his experience has been so far, and
  • What would he recommend to other small business owners?

“If you’re looking at your own team, and thinking I need to do something a little bit fresh here… I’d get in touch with them (NZ Leadership) …” says Paddy about working with NZ Leadership.

Unsure if you should choose NZ Leadership as your leadership practitioner? Watch the video here and listen to what Paddy has to say about working alongside NZ Leadership to strengthen his team.

If you are interested to see what NZ Leadership can do for you and your team, get in touch with us!