Tidyslabs was founded in 2016 to support builders in laying the foundations for houses, which previously has caused a complex problem for many tradies. Since then, the company has grown across the country and delivers a more consistent, standardised and systemised way of work. To keep up with the demand and provide high-quality work for all their clients, they needed to develop their leadership capability and people. NZ Leadership supported Tidyslabs in mentoring leaders and key people and creating a full strategy that aligned with growth and development.

In this video testimonial, Tidyslabs talks about:

  • Why they chose NZ Leadership,
  • How their experience has been so far, and
  • What they would recommend to other business owners.

“It’s imperative you seek out the people that you can connect with and have that expertise and ask them to assist you because they can really help your business grow,” says Tidyslabs about their partnership with NZ Leadership.

Watch this video testimonial to learn more about how NZ Leadership has supported the growth of Tidyslabs and how you might benefit from their specialist leader training and advice.

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